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ingilizce atatürkün özellikleri ingilizce olarak atatürkün kişilik özellikleri , ingilizce atatürkün özellikleri Atatürk as a statement Atatürk was a peerless leader who secured national unity
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    ingilizce atatürkün özellikleri

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    ingilizce atatürkün özellikleri

    ingilizce olarak atatürkün kişilik özellikleri,ingilizce atatürkün özellikleri

    Atatürk as a statement

    Atatürk was a peerless leader who secured national unity during a national struggle, a legendary commander in the battlefields, a great statesman, and a powerful reformist who changed the appearance of a nation. There is no doubt that he with all his qualities, is one of the greatest men known in the history of humanity . Historians of the world and philosophers agree without hesitation that he had the virtues of heroism and immense humanity at the utmost levels. His obvious superiorities in various perspectives, when compared to well-known personalities of history, are remarkable. Being both a man a of idea and a man of action is his superiority over all other geniuses. He was a leader who merged ideas and action in his personality. Kemalism, which forms the core of his opinions and ideas, is a rational philosophy of life freed from any dogmatic element. This realistic philosophy, which stems from the realities of the land and accepts the guidance of logic and science in case of problems, is the essence of both the Turkish War of Independence and the subsequent Turkish modernization movement.

    Atatürk was a man of reality, common sense and delicacy. He always did the best and decided on the most beneficial in whatever he did, and whatever he decided to do. Thanks to his crafty reformism, which anticipates the tendencies of people well and knows how to infiltrate souls; common desires and tendencies easily became national goals . He trusted the high virtues of the Turkish Nation from the beginning to the end of his struggle, and believed that victories of any kind belonged to the nation. He relied on the love of the nation in all of his initiatives. He showed that he was a leader who could drag along the crowds with the help of his powerful personality and his strength of persuasion, which is the result of his anticipation of the truth. His ideas and opinions as the banner of the national resurrection and his immortal achievement had influences beyond the motherland and became a sentimental force for the struggle of independence and freedom of oppressed nations.

    When Atatürk was describing the “Turkish Reform” which he created and founded, he said “This reform is a result of patriotism combined with great humanistic ambition. It is to teach children the art of seeing all the beauty and greatness and to feel mercy for all the misery at the same time.” He also regarded the whole world open-heartedly, sincerely and in a friendly manner with as the faithful founder of the reform he created. In fact, Atatürk who inserted national faith to the hearts with his aphorism “Happy is a man who calls himself a Turk!” was the symbol of the ideal and the love of humanity as well. To the foreigners asking “Who are your enemies?”, he replied, “We are nobody’s enemy; we are just the enemy of the enemies of humanity!”. “Atatürk Reform”, which completely has a national characteristic, is also admired by all humanity with regards to its humanistic perspective.

    Atatürk as a soldier

    Thanks to his abilities that shifted the destiny of a nation in history, Atatürk saved the land from the edge through both military and political victories. There are few men in the history of the world who implemented their ideals despite impossibilities of all kinds, won a national struggle with “Independence or Death!” as the keyword and created a modern state and nation with a completely new identity. The success he had in analyzing the conditions he was in and in removing obstacles constitutes another characteristic of Atatürk. We can say that Atatürk was great not only because he sensed the need for the modernization of the Turkish Nation but also because he showed the shortest possible way to modernization, and finally because he bravely avoided the obstacles getting in the way of modernization. In fact, his title of “Founder of Modern Turkey” comes from this greatness.

    The picture he portrayed in his Address to the Turkish Youth at the end of his Great Speech is in fact the snapshot of the country when he started the struggle. Even if one believed that everything was over, and even in the hardest situations, Atatürk was a national hero, who with the help of his achievement, proved to the Turkish Nation that the feeling of trust would never be lost. He became a symbol of this trust.

    Atatürk, was a great personality and an unprecedented soldier who…

    - said, “A Flag is the symbol of a nation’s independence; and should be respected even if it belongs to your enemy!” when the flag of the enemy was laid in front of him on the day he entered İzmir as the victorious Commander-in-Chief.

    - told French General Gouraud, who had lost one of his arms fighting in Çanakkale, pointing out his missing arm, “Your honorable arm lying beneath Turkish land is an extremely precious bond between our countries!”. When they met in Ankara years after war.

    - had his minister, who was leaving in order to make a speech at the ceremony for the martyrs of Çanakkale, note down “Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives…You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. Therefore, rest in peace!”.

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