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leyla ile mecnun hikayesi ingilizce , leyla ile mecnun hikayesinin ingilizcesi lazım Kısaca Benzer Konulara da Bakmalısın Leyla İle Mecnun Limdir Leyla İle Mecnun Hikayesi
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    leyla ile mecnun hikayesi ingilizce

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    leyla ile mecnun hikayesi ingilizce, leyla ile mecnun hikayesinin ingilizcesi lazım

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    Majnun, the head of a tribe called Qays who was born the son of prayers and votive offerings.
    Laila, daughter of the head of the school he meets with another tribe.
    These two young people fall in love with each other.
    Leyla's mother learns more and more aggravated this adventure starts at the school.
    Incensed by the state of his daughter's mother scolds her daughter to school and will not send any more.
    Leyla school Kays' s too big and not with grief, goes mad,
    Majnun in the desert, and he goes to get his head began to be named.

    Majnun 's father, his son in this situation wants to save Leyla Majnun
    (Crazy, crazy), she became Layla 's do not.
    Leyla fled from home, Majnun 'u finds in the desert.
    But he will, in the desert âhular, gazelles, and birds are friendships, and
    divine love, love rose metaphorical.
    For this reason, Leyla 't recognize.
    His father, Mad 'for u to heal the Kaaba take you to.
    Mad prayer in this place is accepted,
    To further increase the love of Allahu Tealâya du'aa itself:
    "O Lord pest-t love me familiar with the hair
    T is a dem-darned aşkdan cuda to me. "
    Proliferate as a result of prayer and love even more to spend all his time begins in the deserts.
    Leyla is in the suffering of the other side of love.
    After a while, his family, Leyla 's one of Ibn Peace gives a rich and respected.
    However, Leyla, and if he loves a fairy touched him both
    Ibn-i Peace mahvolacağını saying 'I managed to keep away from vuslatından.
    Mad, in the desert, Leyla's married friend, Zaid from hearing the very sad.
    Leyla 'or send a letter of bitter reproach.
    Leyla wrote a letter to the status of the Mad 'a tell.
    Not understand him because he is my site.
    After a while Mad 's Peace Akhi holding Ibn-i dies.
    Leyla father returns home.
    After much hesitation, taking a desperate, Mad 'u will start to search the desert.
    But Mad, withdraw his hand from around the world because of divine love
    Leyla had forgotten about the existence of the material.
    Leyla, the desert Mad 'u find though, Mad does not recognize him.
    Leyla when he realizes he can not live without it again.
    Falls ill and the bearings.
    A short time then die.
    Mad, Leyla 'learns the news of the death.
    Come to embrace the grave, crying and screaming;
    "O Lord, do not purport CISM U CAN
    Cânânsuz universe is not required. "
    Der, die, embracing the tomb.
    After a period of Mad's loyal companion Zayd in his dream,
    Sees the two lovers met each other happy gardens of Paradise.
    Who are they? he asked, will say:
    "These Mad Leyla and her faithful lover is.
    Enter the path of love died clean,
    kirletmedikleri hevesleriyle love for the world met here. "

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